Open & Affirming Statement of Faith

We the members of the First Christian Church, Fort Wayne IN believe that we are called to be the Church following in the footsteps of Jesus:
  • to share the amazing news that somebody cares,
  • to be light in the world's darkness,
  • to celebrate every person as a child of God created in God's image,
  • to right the injustices in the world and stand with those who are left out,
  • to reach out and heal the wounds of oppression, injustice, prejudice and hate,
  • and to love all as God has first loved us.
Therefore, we declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming Congregation, welcoming all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people (or those of any sexual orientation) to our church and community.
  • An extravagant welcome and grace is extended to all.
  • Everyone is affirmed and included without regard to age, gender, race, national origin, faith background, marital status, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental and physical ability, economic and social status, or educational background.
  • All persons participate and share in all aspects of the life, leadership, and ministry of the church.
  • Each person's gifts are celebrated, welcomed, nurtured and blessed.

Gay Pride Festival 2016

Despite the heat and the protesters, First Christian Church was in attendance at this years Pride Festival. We saw a lot of familiar and new faces! We saw many families! We passed out hundreds of FCC tri-fold brochures, Wedding brochures and Walk to Bethlehem post cards. A huge thank you to all.